Moar Caek

Moar Caek is a sophisticated literary device which exists entirely as ill-considered and unedited stream of consciousness comments in other people’s blogs.
His primary fields of expertise are lies and vitriol and the re-popularisation of post modernism in contemporary print media advertising copy.
He is presently engaged in challenging for the leadership of the Australian Labour Party and evading police in Northern New South Wales bushland.
He hopes to one day claim responsibility for the Gaia Hypothesis.

The Jissouseki

With the recent explosion of interest in “Social Media” I am regularly stopped in the street by strangers to explain where I get my awesome neckties. Increasingly people are also curious as to the origins of the little creature in my Avatar.

Long considered a <ahref=”; title=”実装石” target=”_blank”>mythological
creature, recent advances in DNA technology have allowed scientists to sequence the Jissouseki Genome from artist’s impressions and abandoned cardboard boxes.
Dr Albert Scienzs explains”Gestation because it is (the total discharge of maternal mouth anus is birth from), the number of animals at the same time as ten are Umiotosa shit at once. Birth place if the location such as shallow water are preferred, are kept filled with water to human shallow bath and place the tank , wash basin , such as during the birth, in the case of wild public toilet ( toilet squat arrows) such as is done in a puddle.” This is clearly gibberish, but in layman’s terms explains Jissouseki are brought into being when bitter unfulfilled aspirational tears are combined with the excreta of ill named offspring in disposable diapers and then buried in suburban garbage landfills with broken plastic toys and wasted food.

Jissouseki pass through several life cycle stages. Beginning as


About moar caek

Wastrel & Drifter. Nowhere near as smart as you. ~ Kuȶa Huȶa™ ₑₔ "Since 1989"© ₑₔ 'We Love the Bush' ~ ☺
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